What is ExchangeAbility?

ExchangeAbility is a long−term project of Erasmus Student Network and it was developed to increase the participation of students with disabilities in mobility, and make Erasmus Student Network an accessible organisation.

MapAbility project is a sub-part of ExchangeAbility Project. MapAbility aims to create a map of European Higher Education Institutions’ accessibility and their services for students with disabilities. The map aims to provide practical information so students with disabilities are encouraged to participate on study abroad mobility programme.

The main focus is mapping services for student with disabilities and mapping the physical environment - the buildings of higher education institutions. The following questionnaire serves to collect this information. The gathered information will be available on the webpage of Erasmus Student Network.

The questionnaire is divided in 2 parts:

ESN expects from disability coordinators with the help of ESN volunteers to fill the questionnaire. We would be very grateful if you could help! A pdf version is provided for printable handout. Still, final submission MUST be on the webform. Should any problem appear, please contact us.

For additional help, we created an explanatory document (find attached) where a more detailed description of the questions is given for clarifications.

For more information you can contact the International ExchangeAbility Team by writing to exchangeability@esn.org.

Thank you for your co-operation!

How do you update your submissions?

If you need to change some data from the buildings or services questionnaire previously submitted, just follow this link and after you login with your galaxy account, just look for what you are looking for and it is done!

If you are not part of the ESN network, send us an email and we will proceed with the demanded changes.