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DIscussion Mobility for all
The event Possibilities of mobility for everybody was simply for people, who wanted to go on some mobility, either they have some disability or not.
Dinner In the Dark
We organise it in small restaurant, right to next to dormitories.
International dinner in the terrace of the residence of the university of Novara.
Les Intouchables with ESN Zadar
Participants gathered in the student's club where projection started after solving technical difficulties.
Dinner in the Dark
The event started in our local restaurant where students took their seats and started chatting. Our ESNers explained them the main goal of this activity and what they should be paying attention to.
What'd ya say?
Participants were divided into two groups. Both groups had sentences that they needed to guess. Each group had one representative which was changing each time the sentence was read.
Painting without hands
Students gathered in a coffee shop where they got the assignement to paint their favorite part of Zadar. They were divided into two groups and they needed to help each other.
International dinner with association of students with disabilities
Exchange and local students with disabilities had International dinner together. They got to know each other, connected.
Aperitivo Culturale - Sport and Disabilities Edition
We organized a cocktail where we talked with the disability Erasmus and in particular disability in sport.
Movie Night
We organised a small, private event, so that students can have a good time while learning something new. We watched a biopic about an autistic woman finding her way in life.