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Goalball in Vitoria (ESN Bilbao delegation)
Our delegation in Vitoria contacted the association "Itxaropena" that organises activities for people who have vision problems and they organised a goalball match all together in the facilit
ESN Bilbao- Adapted gymkana
Our first idea was to do some challenges by teams formed both by Erasmus and disabled people around the city centre and to raise awareness about which bars or streets are adapted or not (that is why t
First we can do activities blindly. With your eyes covered, whether you cover your eyes with your hands or with masks. (I wear masks for all or most). These activities need a lot of silence for
During the activity
We met with two workers from the center and they picked us up in their cars to take us downtown. Once there, they explained how the center worked and how the therapies with the horses were developed.
In the Ágora, we carry out different activities related to the 5 senses, through different games, to make known the difficulties that some Erasmus face. The following tests were done: 2- Pictionar
Blindfolded Erasmus hugging a local
The Erasmus students were blindfolded and asked to hold cardboard signs with sentences related to hugs, such as "Can you give me a hug?", "A hug is always welcomed", etc...
Gymkana de Sentidos
We played different activities related with 5 senses at the center of the University's square (Games explained below): We did groups of 3/4 people aprox.
Invisible Exhibition: Could an hour of blindness open your eyes?
The Invisible Exhibition is a simulation of everyday environment where people move, such as a flat (kitchen, bathroom, dining room), street (with cars etc.), forest, gallery (with famous sculptures th
The activity was put in practice with the aim of raising awareness about blind people among our international students.
blind art event photo
In the event, we were about 25 people and we had a blank white canvas. Everybody put the eye mask on and paint something on the canvas with the eye closed.