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EA lunch
The event was organized during our Local Platform, at lunch time and pur volunteers, mostly newbies, attending the LP were asked to get their food and eat only using one hand, left for the right hande
getting in the shoes of deaf people
It was a tandem night. At the beginning we had a normal aperitivo. Then, ESN members ask erasmus and the other participants of the event to get up and go in a corner.
10 uren loop
This is an annual event organised by the "Sportraad" (Sport council), called the 10 hours run.
museotattile Ancona
We were a Group of 20 students and we went to the Tactil museum in Ancona, one of the few museums of this genre in Europe.
ExchangeAbility Pub Crawl with ESN Zagreb
The Pub Crawl event took place on Thursday, the 23rd of March during the ExchangeAbility week. It started around 8:30 pm.
Adapted Team Games
The students were sat on the ground in a circle and had to pass the ball without moving their legs. It was an adapted volleyball game.
Exchange ability game night.
For the ExchangeAbility week, one of the events was ExchangeAbility games night.
EA pub quiz form
We were raising awareness about people with disabilities through entertaining way of teaching and answering questions about people with disabilities through history, and famous people with disabilitie
AperiPainting Ability
For the EA Week Spring 2017, ESN Cagliari organized on the 20th of March 2017 the AperiPainting Ability event.
Silent Karaoke
The second event organized by ESN Cagliari for the EA Week Spring 2017 was the Silent Karaoke on the 22nd of March 2017.