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Esn Samsun - Sitting Volleyball
Our board members met Ondokuz Mayıs University Guzel Sanatlar Campus with participants. We used to this faculty's sports hall . We would like to empathize with walking disabilities people.
"EHT STAC EREW OOT DERIT OT KLAW." It's difficult to read from the back, right? ESN Canakkale presents another significant project for the ExchangeAbility Week.
Come and join us to discover what daily life looks like with disabilities !
During this little game, the student had to smell different sample (mostly spices) and the had to guess what was it. We realized this game during our dinner with Erasmus and other ESN in Liège.
ExchangeAbility MappED
ESN Odense was happy to participate in the ExchangeAbility week and were able to contribute making our community more accessible and inclusive.
As ESN Canakkale, we are glad to share our very first project for the Exchange Ability Week. So, this project is called "Say What".
Dinner in the dark cover
During the event participants were blindfolded and were served food which they had to eat without seeing what it is or how much food is left on their plates.
American Sign Language Workshop
After a short description of the history of sign language students learn the alphabeth of the American Sign Language.
All students close their eyes with a sleep mask or a small scarf. Then, they try to eat their dinner.
Disability Is Not Inability
We visited APPC - Portuguese Association of Cerebral Palsy in Faro. Now we know this amazing institution, their work with the clients and how we can do volunteer!
Blind Tandem ESN ASSI Parma
Erasmus were divided into teams of three people. Erasmus had to guess what they were tasting/drinking/touching/hearing.