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● From 10:00h. to 12:30h.: Opening act + inaugural conference ¨Mobility inclusive¨, in which the foundation ONCE will tell us ab
The conference given by Foundation ONCE formed a part of the agenda of the I Jornadas of Mobility and inclusive Sport of the UV. We rely on Esther Bueno as referee.
Today it starts in all the ESN network the week of the ExchangeAbility project (, and
ESN en UV and ESN Valencia UPV organised together a super EA event during a full day, with more of 8 hours of training for ESNrs, students with disabilities, athletes and other members of the universi
Mapping the School of Education by ESN Castelo Branco
The activity consisted of mapping the Superior School of Education, the third school of the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco that is now mapped in order to find how accessible this school is fo
Dinner in the Dark by ESN Évora
The participants had the oportunity to experience a “Dinner in the dark”! where they were blindfolded while having dinner, making this dinner a real challenge for the senses.
ESN Antwerp Blindfolded Karaoke
Karaoke is simple, you chose a song and then try your best to sing along by reading the lyrics projected on screen.
Ponte en mis zapatos que nos vamos de tapeo.
It begins by visiting the monument of the victims of 11M. In Atocha. Sense of hearing.
Cena de signos.
Erasmus student dinner during which an activity with sign language was carried out.
By ridiscovering the Dalì's masterpierces we rised the awareness about blindness
We divided all the students in pairs. Firstly, one of them was covering his/her eyes and the second person from the couple turned into a guide.
Museo Fonce
The activity was carried out in the museum of the Once, in Madrid, in an accessible facilities.