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Xavier Boonman

My name is Xavier Boonman, I'm from the Netherlands but I live already 6 years in Belgium. After my Erasmus I joined and co-founded ESN Hasselt. After being a local president I joined ESN Belgium as a National ExchangeAbilitycoordinator. I have studied transportation sciences where we also had classes about how to make public spaces accessible for everyone. I moved last year to Brussels and currently I'm working as mobility coordinator in the chamber of commerce. As national coordinator I got in contact with a lot of inspiring persons and now it is time for me to inspire you. As my sister and father are disabled I know how hard it can be to have a disability. That is one of the reasons why I'm so motivated to raise ExchangeAbility to the next level. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

contact: [email protected]

Photo Maria Panagiotopoulou


Maria Panagiotopoulou
Community Manager

I am Maria Panagiotopoulou and I live in Athens, Greece. I graduated from the faculty of Public and Community Health in TEI of Athens, currently doing my MSc in Administration of Healthcare Services. I joined ESN after my exchange and, from the first moment I joined the ExchangeAbility community. Through my studies, as well as the Local and National level of our community, I saw so much motivation and effort, from unique and inspiring people, for more accessible and equal opportunities in education and social participation. For me, ExchangeAbility is not just a project, but a whole family whose  efforts have a common target,  the inclusive opportunities!!!

Photo Pascal Kuta





Pascal Kuta
Communication Officer

Hallå eller! My name is Pascal Kuta, I am 1990-born and originally from Poland, but grew up in Germany. However, I live for two years now in the beautiful west of Sweden, in Göteborg! This is also where my ESN journey started in the local section and I quickly became national Communication Manager, which changed my life quite a lot. I was, and still am, responsible for the communication strategy of ESN Sweden and here comes ExchangeAbility into the game. My main goal is to have an inclusive visual identity in the network and since my first plan was to do this nationally, I quickly figured it would be even more beneficial to do this on the international level. So here I am, ready to work on exactly this in the new team and I am confident we will continue the great work of the previous team and further improve the project!


If you want to contact the team for general questions send us an email to [email protected] and we will be more than glad to address your doubts or suggestions!