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ESN Zadar: Sign language workshop
We taught one class of elementary school how to sing a song "If you're happy and you know it" but in sign language.
We made a project which was very first time for ESN Canakkale and maybe ESN Turkey.
It is "Dart in the Dark"
Say it Again!
Hello everyone :)

Here is the first project that has been done by ESN Canakkale for ExhangeAbility Turkey in this fall semester.
ExchangeAbility: Blindfolds on museum tour
One group had blindfolds on while others explained to them what they saw. After that, students went again from the start to see what they envisioned.
Banner of the Conference. Logo shows Europe and several minimalist symbol's of disabilities.
'Erasmus Is For Everyone' was a conference organised by ESN Lisboa in partnership with the rectory of the University of Lisbon and funded by ESAA through a Mobility Grant!
ESN Jyväskylä: Dinner in the Dark
Exchange students "lost their sense of vision" at the entrance to our restaurant. Board and active members of ESN Jyväskylä were guiding them to their place and throughout the dinner.
Dinner in the Dark
three-course meal with your eyes blind-folded