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Movie Night by ESN Ioannina
We watched a movie, "My name is Sam" and tried to raise the awareness of the ones that came on the situation of people with certain disabilities and their struggle with the everyday life and
SocialErasmus & ExchangeAbility by ESN Panteion & ESN KAPA Athens
When a satisfying number of Erasmus students arrived to the cafeteria the event took place, we made a short introduction about the projects.
Dinner in the Dark-ESN Athens
We blindfolded the participants when they entered the bar and we placed them at their seats.When they all gathered,we all introduced ourselves and then left them taliking with each other as we served
Movie Night
We met in our office, prepared healthy snack for Erasmus students and wait for them.
Painting without hands
We met with students in our office and we prepared for them healthy snack - some apples, banana and more.
Dinner in the Dark
We wanted to show students how hard is to be blind, give them opportunity to try something new - how hard is to eat when you can not see, try to use some equipment for blind people - games, books in b
exchangeability week
after booking the auditorium, in the pharmacy faculty , at 7:00 ESNers and Erasmus students were welcomed to watch the movie : inside I'm dancing.
final picture all together
people arrived at 17:00 to LSMU pharmacy faculty , they were blind folded with a scarf and each participant had a blind date, with someone he/she hasn't seen before.
ExchangeAbility, Pub Quiz, quiz, ESN
We all met at our local pub at 7 pm. Our students were divided in international groups of 5-6 people. Each group received an answer sheet and a pen. Then we started our ExchangeAbility quiz.
english volunteer + EA
Every week some erasmus participate in one volunteer programe with kids for teach english, usually they prepare some activities acording the season or typical party, these week we do one activity abou