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Ponte en mis zapatos que nos vamos de tapeo.
It begins by visiting the monument of the victims of 11M. In Atocha. Sense of hearing. With words in the fabric of the monument we will help to know what each partner has said in the ear.
Cena de signos.
Erasmus student dinner during which an activity with sign language was carried out.
By ridiscovering the Dalì's masterpierces we rised the awareness about blindness
We divided all the students in pairs. Firstly, one of them was covering his/her eyes and the second person from the couple turned into a guide.
Museo Fonce
The activity was carried out in the museum of the Once, in Madrid, in an accessible facilities.
EIS+ intercambio cultural.
It was proposed to carry out a cultural exchange between the Erasmus and the boys of the association. Erasmus made presentations from their countries.
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We went to spend an afternoon with DAVIDA association. Thay are a disabled people organisation.
The event was a dinner in which the participants had to eat, and guess what they were eating but being blind for a while.
The event was conisting in a group of different challenges in which the participants had different disabilities, such as mobility problems, beeing a deaf person or a blind person.
Tapas a ciegas with ESN Alcala
The meeting point is held in a place very close to the restaurant, previously chosen, to carry out the activity.
Sign Language Session with ESN Castelo Branco
This session consisted of giving the participant Erasmus some basic notions of American Sign Language by watching some videos teaching the sign language alphabet and some expressions.